Welcome to S ilent F rames' World of Brickfilming !

W e are a group of enthusiastic Swiss brickfilmers who since 2009, initially under the name of Alegonder Films, indulge in the audio-visual creation of stop-motion animated short films. Each year we aim to publish a new picture dealing with a variety of topics from comedy to tragedy. Meanwhile, our protagonists remain silent...

W atch our latest release:
Saved (2019)

Our contribution to the transcendental EASTER contest 2019 on Bricks in Motion. Enjoy...!

W hat else is new ?
A Day in the Park (2019)

W e started the New Year taking part in the THAC XVI contest of Bricks in Motion, the theme being "Discovery". Enjoy...!

D uring the christmas holidays we had the opportunity to create a promotional brickfilm for the launch of the LEGO Ideas set "Ship in a Bottle".
W e participated in an international collaboration featuring contributions from brickfilmers from all over Europe, the UK, and the United States. Do you spot our contribution...? Skol!

W ith "Quest of Life" we have successfully participated in the 2017 Bricks in Motion Summer Contest with the theme "Spirit of Adventure" and were awarded first place.

Stay tuned for more, as we gradually reveal new information/pictures
our latest productions on our website!
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