Ship in a Bottle
• Length: 1:03
• Publication year: 2018
• Production time: 2 weekends in December 2017
• Produced for: Promotional brickfilm for the launch of a
LEGO Ideas set
• Camera: Canon EOS 6D
• Lens: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (macro lens), Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G
• Programs: Dragonframe, Adobe Creative Suite 6

Behind the Scenes
To create the illusion of running, we decided to stack multiple bricks matching the colour and height of the respective minifig. Then we repeated this process with slightly longer bricks. To make the protagonist come to a halt just repeat the process backwards.

• This was our first (and only) brickfilm we made commissioned by the
LEGO group directly for their forthcoming LEGO Ideas set. We even got to sign an NDA in which we sold our souls to the mighty LEGO chicken.
• It was also the first brickfilm we made featuring a naked minifig torso.

• The page turn at the beginning turned out quite well, even though it cost us many nerves and multiple attempts to fix the paper page.

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