A Day in the Park
• Length: 2:04
• Year: 2019
• Production time: 24 hours
• Produced for:
16th THAC contest on Bricks in Motion (awarded 4th place)
• Theme: Discovery
• Camera: Canon EOS 6D
• Lens: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (macro lens), Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G
• Programs: Dragonframe, Adobe Creative Suite 6

Behind the Scenes
How to handle a THAC: At this point there are not a whole lot of new insights for us to provide concerning THAC specific methods. So check out the other THAC related making ofs if you want to find out how to make THACing easy:
The Game, Love's Labour, Unchained & The Supervisor

• Emboldend by our recent brickfilm for the LEGO group - Ship in a Bottle - we thought it might be a nice touch for one of our protagonists to swap the page while reading a book.
• Thanks to the (at the time) relatively new movable child legs we were able to have a child as protagonist.
• For future reference we decided to time a few of the steps that are needed to make a THAC brickfilm. For example we spent about
8 hours just for the animation. Looking back a few years later, we should have made a more exhaustive list.
• We were able to reuse
over a third of the camera angles for different shots
• In order to make sure we always thought of the
mod element (a red and a yellow brick touching each other) we put up a small piece of paper to remind us. Maybe you can find it in one of the making of pictures...

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